Saturday, January 21, 2017

What to look out for when seeking out an Instagram follower’s service
If you were born anywhere after 1980, then you are most probably on social media and Instagram to be specific. There are many good reasons to be on social media if you are not there already. One of the most popular social media sites is Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing social media site that allows users to share photos, comments, and hashtags with their followers. This is where the rich and famous (mostly the famous) come go to hide in plain sight. So if you want to see how your favorite celebrity works out, what they are up to, or when their next movie or performance is or how they enjoyed themselves last week in Mallorca, then you simply follow them on Insta!

Yet again Instagram is no restricted to the rich and only famous. Previously unknown ordinary people with no specific talents or occupations have become famous by consistently posting good stuff on their pages and encouraging people to follow them. The list is basically endless, but the Kardashian clan and most members of it are pretty much a sufficient example. You could also easily become famous by seeking out an Instagram follower’s service and getting yourself or your business thousands of followers overnight and become quite famous yourself. The problem, however, is that not all Instagram follower’s services are born (or more specifically built) the same. Some deliver the free Instagram followers, others are difficult to use, while the rest are outright frauds! 
Here are five things you should look out for before settling on an Instagram follower’s service:
  1. Charge
Do they charge you for the service? If so then you should know that there are those who offer the same service for free or at the price of a survey. So think about it. Why pay for free Instagram followers, yet, you could get almost the same number followers or even more from another site for FREE! If there is a survey and it could save you the 50 pounds you might have had to pay then why not spend those three minutes to answer the survey and get what you need.
  1. Privacy
As stated before, there are some services that purport to offer  free followers on Instagram , yet they are out-and-out frauds. Some could ask you for your email or your username and password. Others could even ask you to download some software to get the followers. First, don’t give your personal information to parties you just found out online as it could be used for identity theft or sold to marketers. Second, don’t ever download and install any program that you are even remotely suspicious of. It could be a Trojan virus for all you know. Stick to the services that directly promise to protect the information you give to give you Instagram followers free.
  1. Delivery
How soon does the service deliver the promised followers? Is it immediate or does the site even state how long you will have to wait? Delivery should most definitely be instant! This is because most of these services use powerful computer programs to give you the followers you need and they should be able to quickly deliver whatever they promised within a few moments. At Free Followers Today (FFT), we deliver whatever package you have selected immediately!
  1. Support
Every serious business should have support. Lack of support services or channels normally implies the business is not serious about its work. So, if you really want followers on Instagram, don’t be cheated, work only with businesses that have support, have well-built websites and work as promised!

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